How to prepare a professional summary statement

In this section, we have listed key components for preparing a professional summary statement. Summary statement has significance importance as it contains all the cross references available of your career episode in just one paragraph. There are many sample summary statements available for different engineering disciplines. You can get summary statement of your desired category for your competency demonstration report easily from CDR Australia.
You do not need to cover all the indicators within each competency element. The results of your analysis will be demonstrated in your Summary Statement.
Please note that only one Summary Statement is required for all three episodes.
All the elements of three career episodes must be added to it. For applying as a professional Engineer what you need to do is just download the available page from the website and complete it with the fields required and then attach it with your application.
The information which you are proving should be based on your knowledge and skills:
PE1.1: the detailed and comprehensive theory of physical sciences and engineering of your Engineering discipline.
PE1.2: the conceptual knowledge in the following domains according to your engineering discipline:
Mathematics, computer & Information Sciences, Statics and numerical Analysis.
PE1.3: according to your engineering discipline you should have deep knowledge of specialist bodies.
PE1.4: the proper research direction skill and knowledge development in your specific engineering discipline.
PE1.5: Knowledge of all the dependent factors which have impact on your engineering field.
PE1.6: complete knowledge and understanding of professional scope, fundamental assumptions, liabilities and latest awareness of all engineering practice in your particular field.
Capability of engineering application:
PE2.1: the designing of such methods which leads to solving of complex engineering problems.
PE2.2: the fast eloquent tools and techniques in specific engineering field.
PE2.3: All the synthesis and design processes according to your specific field of engineering.

PE2.4: the efficient application systematic approach which gives conductance to management in engineering projects.
Professional and personal Characteristics
PE3.1: the answerability of professional and humane
PE 3.2: The efficient and compelling communication in particular engineering domain.
PE3.3: inventive, prolific and creative attitude
PE3.4: the proper professional management and sorting of information of data
PE3.5: the professional conductance in proper orderly manner