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engineer migration australia

Engineers around the world are continuously looking for best working opportunities, where they can progress in their career as well as get the best facilities at the work place. Australia is considered as the best choice in this regard. Hundreds of engineers plan each year to migrate to Australia. They apply for migration and work permit for processing, however many engineers fail to fulfill the requirements for migration and work permit. The reason behind is usually their lack of information related to the requirements for migration Australia. We have briefly described the complete information and guideline for engineers who are willing to apply for migration Australia.

Engineering Qualification Assessment

The very first step for an Engineer who is looking for Australia migration is to get his engineering qualification assessed from Engineers Australia. In this process, the are required to select their appropriate engineering category and ANZCO code, prepare a concise CDR report containing three career episodes, summary statement and CPD statement.

Selecting the Right Engineering Category

Engineers are required to select the appropriate engineering category according to their current occupation. There are four engineering categories:

  • Engineering Manager
    The engineering manager holds the responsibilities to plan, manage, direct, coordinate and control the engineering as well as technical operations of the organization. If the engineer’s current occupation falls in this category, then he can easily qualify for skilled visa.
  • Professional Engineer
    The Professional Engineer is the one who acquires four years of bachelor degree in the engineering disciplines as approved by Engineers Australia. He holds the responsibilities to focus overall systems and technical operations of the organization, develop and apply new engineering practices, apply leadership and management skills and solve diverse problems.
  • Engineering Technologist
    The Engineering Technologist is the one who acquires three years of bachelor degree in any engineering technology discipline specified by Engineers Australia. He holds the responsibilities to focus on the system interactions, modify or adapt engineering practices and advance engineering technology.
  • Engineering Associate
    The Engineering Associate holds the two year diploma degree in any engineering discipline specified by Engineers Australia. He holds the responsibilities to focus on specific procedures of the processes and apply engineering practices accordingly.


The engineers applying for migration Australia should check the ANZSCO code relevant to their Engineering Qualification for their application. All the ANZSCO Codes related to the engineering disciplines and categories described in detail in the document provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

The crucial step of engineering qualification assessment is preparing a comprehensive CDR report containing:

  • Three Career Episodes based on the projects/tasks completed during the job or qualification
  • One Summary Statement with cross references to each career episode
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) statement or presentation
  • Updated Professional Resume


The engineers who are applying for skilled migration Australia are required to appear in IELTS exam to assess their English language skills. The applicants are required to attain 6 overall band for engineering qualification assessment.

Accreditation as Professional Engineer

Once the engineers gets the work permit for Australia, he is assessed for his skills, knowledge and other engineering capabilities. Based on his performance and CDR report, he is acceditated as a Professional Engineer.

For further guideline and assistance regarding CDR preparation and consultation, feel free to contact us here.

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