How to write a professional career episode

Professional career episode describes your engineering education and job experience. Each career episode must mention a unique period or aspect of your engineering work. Moreover, each career episode should represent the proper method for applying engineering skills in specific discipline.

Your career episode should base upon following items:

  • The complete project report on which you are currently working or worked previously.
  • An educational engineering program which is properly undertaken by you.
  • The particular designation secured currently or previously.
  • The specific problem solving technique for which you are responsible.

Give a specific number to every paragraph which is created in your career episodes as it is necessary to prepare summary statement for competency demonstration report. An example of this is given below:

Career episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) Career episode 2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3)

In specified engineering occupation each of the career episodes must clearly show the proper knowledge and skills of engineering field. Therefore it is necessary to put all the information in right manner which project you did and how you complete it and the most important thing is your individual personal role in completing this project (for example I designed, I investigated etc.) Please do not include excessive technical details (photos, calculations, tables).

Proper Formatted Career Episode

The proper formatted Professional career episode contains technique and method of engineering problem that is specifically deployed by you. The major purpose of this is to access your personal contribution in completing the specific task by achieving the goals and objectives of project.

Each career episode should be in essay form and not formatted into a table.

The career episode should be in proper format as given below:

Introduction: The introduction of your career episode should contain all the topics covered in it and include the following things in the limit of approximately 100 words.

Chronology:  The career episode must contain the date and duration

Geographical: The career episode which is prepared by you should represent the exact location of your work.

  • It contains the name of the organization.
  • The designation secured by you during your employment.

A well prepared career episode shows the proper context in which you studied or worked. It must contain the following information as well:

  •                              It should represents the overall nature of your engineering project
  •                              The main purpose and objective behind your project
  •                              The specific highlighted area of your work
  •                              It includes the organization chart which shows your position in the infrastructure of organization.
  •                              Your duties must be properly mention which you serve officially in the career episode.
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