How to prepare CDR for Australian immigration

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a report which is prepared on Academic record of Engineers and their responsibilities during job. Engineer applicants who want to migrate towards Australia needs to submit this competency demonstration and get approval from Engineers Australia. The question which arises here is How to prepare CDR for Australian immigration? The people who don’t know how to prepare their CDR for immigration are no more on risk. Now they can surely get a chance to go to Australia for study or job and make their future secure and bright. CDR Australia has a team of CDR experts who have experience of decades and ensure you 100% approval from Engineers Australia. Our dedicated team members provide you complete guidance about CDR, they can develop a strong sense of CDR writing and understanding. CDR Australia is also proving service of CDR samples which are accepted by Engineers Australia before. Therefore it’s a best method to develop and enhance your knowledge about CDR and make you able to write your own CDR for immigration purposes. Few steps need to follow during preparation of CDR:

  • Preparation of three Career Episodes
  • Preparation of Summary Statement
  • Preparation of CPD

Career Episodes are totally based upon your academic career and job responsibilities. Each career episode has its unique significance and tells about the project reports and your individual role in every project.  Each Career episode should clearly show experience and skills of engineers in specific field, strength and strategies of detecting faults and also solution finding techniques. They are actually a short statement of engineer’s duties during its education.

Summary Statement is based on Career Episode and gives a brief view of all the three summary statements. This is very critical part of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) as it contains all the career summary of an engineer’s life. All the actives in which an engineer is involve during his career and also job responsibilities through which he gained skills for immigration are written in appropriate order. Therefore it is recommended to get consultancy from professionals in this regard for assurance of acceptance. CDR Australia is providing this service at very low cost and invites you for bright future in Australia.

CPD preparation is also an important part of CDR Australia. It is actually a source of judgment the skills of applicant in a specified area for maintenance of technical competence. It helps to put effective influence, successful career changes and assurance of better services to the whole community around.