CDR Rejection Causes – Complete Guide

Is your CDR report rejected by engineers Australia?

CDR report rejected…? Many of highly skilled Engineers with a glowing Career gets their CDR Rejected. The only reason is that they were not skillful in writing their CDR report. The CDR report should match Engineers Australia’s Guidelines as mentioned in the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) Booklet.

CDR report rejected

The reasons for CDR report Rejection and guidelines for avoiding rejection are listed as below:

  • Be technical while writing your CDR for Australian Immigration. Use Technical Language while writing Career Episodes. Describe the challenges faced while working on the projects and include try to include design and calculation details. The design of the project is the most important part you should include details what you designed, how you designed and explanatory images.


  • Avoid too many Tables, Diagrams and photos as due to it the assessor will find difficulty in identifying the Key competencies in your CDR report. Try to follow Engineers Australia Guidelines and provide details for which EA has asked.


  • Write your CDR report in form of essay avoid bullet points as Engineers Australia has mentioned that the Career Episodes should be in form of the essay. Although the Career Episode’s paragraphs should be numbered while writing paragraphs avoid bullet points.


  • The suggested length of the CDR should be 1200-1700 words. Try to write CDR in the suggested world limit but include all the necessary parts. Try to use Australian English that is very similar to British English.


  • Read ANZSCO occupation code description relevant to your job, so that you can select the right occupation category for your job and can write CDR report as per requirements.


  • Do not Copy paste data from other people’s CDR or from Sample CDR present on the internet as they can only be used for reference.


  • Edit and Proofread your Career episodes and take the advice of expert reviewers to check that your Career episode is as per requirement.


  • CDR writing is a sensitive matter and Engineers Australia can put 12 months ban for plagiarized CDRs. Use good Quality software for Plagiarism checking in order to make sure that CDR is free from plagiarism.


  • Make sure that there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes. Pay attention to formatting and sentences flow as you are submitting an official document to Engineers Australia for your skill assessment which will show your professional skills.

The info-graphic below showing the summer in 3 steps how you can avoid your CDR from rejection.

CDR report rejected

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